Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Migrating

Happy New Year everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that 'My Story' has undergone some changes. You'll find my new look and focus at

The archives of this blog have migrated with me which means that all the old 'My Story' posts are at the new blog home as well. 

Click on over if you'd like to join me.

Big love,


  1. A true messiah believes in eliminating money.

  2. Hi Raquel,

    Both Jesus and I feel that the monetary system as it currently exists on the planet is very corrupt and rewards greed and evil.

    However we also believe strongly that the only way for any unloving or erroneous system or issue to change is for each of us to consistently approach these issues with love and truth.

    Obviously when we carry feeling of fear, anger or guilt towards money, we do not have feelings of love towards it nor can we respond to the errors in the system with calm, logical truth. In our fear, anger or guilt we add to the unloving and unjust issues with the system, rather than reduce them.

    Every system on our planet is created through the emotional projections and interactions that each one of us have towards that system. We have a vision for a future where money is not used on our planet, however that will only come about if each of us decide to love.

    Evil comes about by individuals and groups using their will in disharmony with love. In this way, it is not the money itself that is evil, but rather the system that has been created around money, which has been dictated by the errors and greed of each of us who interact with it.

    I hope that makes our stance clear.




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